Sunday, August 5, 2012

2012 OC Football Watch List - Defensive Backs

Josh Jones – Walled Lake Western
A flat out ball hawk, Jones is the definition of a true playmaker in the secondary as well as the return game and look for him to get some touches on offense as well this year. Good luck to teams planning on throwing the ball Jones’ way this season.

Isaiah Gourdine – Farmington
Speaking of playmakers, Gourdine can track down the ball with the best of them. One of the fastest risers on the recruiting scene late in the offseason and is about to show everyone why this fall.

Tim Cason - Clarkston
Cason was one of the fast risers on the recruiting scene last year, and he should be a fast riser on the football field this fall as well. One of the best as shutting down receivers at any time and anywhere on the field.

Chris Carter - Birmingham Brother Rice
Carter has quietly begun to rise to the top of the field from the defensive backfield, and his ability to track down balls in mid air is what separates him from the rest of the defensive backs in Oakland County.

Michael Cleveland – Oak Park
One of a handful of transfers into Oak Park this year, but Cleveland will give the Knights a lockdown presence in the defensive backfield all season long.

Reid McManus – Birmingham Detroit Country Day
McManus is one of the area’s best at reading a quarterback and being able to make quick adjustments and that’s why he’s as good as it gets at taking away the top target from just about any team.

Nick Booker – Lake Orion
Booker is another player that has shown the ability to play some lockdown some of the county’s best receivers last year and should do much of the same once again in 2012 for the Dragons.

Chauncey Bridges – North Farmington
Another member of what could be a very stout Raider defense, Bridges should offer a very consistent and experienced presence to the North Farmington back seven.

Gabe O’Neil – Madison Heights Bishop Foley
The Ventures lost quite a bit from last year’s squad, but O’Neil will definitely be a player to watch out of the Bishop Foley secondary as he should be one of the area’s breakout stars in 2012.

Desmond Paige – Ferndale
Paige will be one of the best in the secondary when it comes to defending the pass, as well as being able to help out the front seven and slow down opposing running attacks this fall.

Ben Hart – Rochester Adams
With Hart in the secondary and Niswonger in the mix at linebacker, Adams could have one of the best defenses in Oakland County this year. Hart continued to improve game by game last season and that should carry over to this year.

Darius Danzy – Southfield
Danzy is another outstanding athlete that the Blue Jays will have on board this year and look for him to be one of the best at taking away the deep passing game from opponents and should make plays left and right all season long.

Joe Shields – Troy Athens
Shields will help lead the Red Hawks defensive backfield this year as they will be one of the toughest to pass against. Shields is one of the top all-around defensive backs around and should be a true difference maker for Athens.


  1. I know the writer is not listing players twice but matt kosmowlski is a big time playmaker at walled lake northern. I was at the northern western game last year and he has 2 interceptions in the endzone to keep his team in it. Although josh jones did return a kickoff for a TD to win it for the warriors.

  2. Absolutely, if I was putting names into various watch lists, Kosmalski would be on here without a doubt. He and Jones will be two of the best two-way players in the county next year