Friday, November 23, 2012

Halftime Thoughts From Country Day-South Christian

Halftime thoughts from Country Day-South Christian in the D-4 state final. South Christian leads 14-7.

- Country Day needs to find a way to stop the South Christian read-option, which is consistently picking up 5-7 yards per play.

- Country Day quarterback Tyler Wiegers has come out to play today and is showing off his arm, especially on the 54 yard touchdown pass to Maurice Ways to cut the South Christian lead down to 14-7.

- It wouldn't hurt to keep allowing Wiegers to air it out, aside from a couple of drops, he's been nearly perfect in the first half

- The Yellowjackets have to find a way to open up some holes in the run game for Richie Wilson and Co. aside from a couple of runs, the South Christian defense has done a good job stopping the rushing attack.

- South Christian backup quarterback Derek Woltjer, filling in for injured quarterback Jon Wassink, is playing like anything but a backup tonight, picking up big chunks of yardage on the ground and has a long touchdown pass to Jason Miller to take a 14-0 lead.

- The Country Day defense did improve in the second quarter, but South Christian came dangerously close to breaking the game wide open with potential long runs.

- The Yellowjackets are very much in this game, but needs to come up with a stop on defense to start the second half and have a chance to tie the game up.

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